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ICMG Corporate Innovation Summit

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ICMG Ptd Ltd (ICMG) is proud to present the first “ICMG Corporate Innovation Summit” on 17th of September 2018, at Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology (SWITCH), in Sands Expo & Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands. This summit aims to share the latest and specific cases of corporate innovation and also to exchange the innovation and collaboration ideas with Japanese multinational companies (MNCs), government agencies, universities and Singapore start-ups etc.

ICMG is known to be the Premiere Corporate Innovation Accelerator (Open Innovation Partner) in Asia. We are proudly providing corporate innovation program by managing open innovation ecosystem throughout in Singapore and South East Asia. The purpose of this summit organised is to develop the innovation ecosystem and innovation community.

During the summit, Japanese MNCs and ICMG local partners will share their corporate strategies and deliberate the latest case of corporate innovation trend to achieve sustainable growth. Thus, the participants will have better understanding of corporate innovation and will be able to network between Japanese MNCs and Start-ups to encourage information exchange and close collaborations through this open innovation platform.

In addition, there will be exciting line-up of activities, including a keynote speech, Mr. Shinichi Imai (Director of Greenway Grid Global Pte. Ltd. (GGG) & Managing Director of TEPCO Power Grid Inc (TEPCO PG), on “Creating Innovation for Sustainable Society in Asia”.

GGG is found by leading Japanese electric power companies, TEPCO PG and Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc., with ICMG as the open innovation partner. Through innovating with new technologies GGG will create next-generation infrastructures that solve various problems such as electricity, water, sewerage and garbage. GGG is dedicated to its vision: 'Making the world happy and developing Sustainable Society'. GGG will light up your lives and redefine a new era together with partners.

TEPCO PG who specialises in the provision, transmission & distribution of electricity in Japan, is the world's most reliable provider with absolutely sustainable supplies of electricity. In light of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games, we commit to building a 'Trustworthy & Secure' energy environment. At the same time, TEPCO PG will work towards growing into a global energy providing & distributing company through realising non-continuous business structure reforms.

Furthermore, Mr Hisashi Nakajima (CEO) and Mr Atsushi Watanabe (Innovation Leader) from Nippon Closures Co., Ltd (NCC) talking about “Open Innovation for SDGs in Asia” in key note speech session.

Under the Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd., NCC is the largest Japanese closure manufacturer for food and drinks packaging, with 4 domestic offices, headquartered in Tokyo. NCC are currently standing in the stage of entering into overseas markets, and have set up the international offices in Thailand, Indonesia, India and Germany. As the industry leading company, NCC bravely wishes to address the challenges in Asia with partners willing to end those social problems, especially the ones that the Sustainable Development Goals pronounce, too. The idea of open innovation goal, NCC have selected Singapore as the right location to start off from, for it boosts open innovation by offering opportunities in Asia.

Another interesting key note speaker, Mr Veerappan Swaminathan from Sustainable Living Lab (SL2), as a local sustainability-oriented entrepreneur speaker on “SDGs and Corporate Innovation” He will focus on latest concept and case of Corporate Innovation in terms of SDGs to tackle sustainability challenges and drive hardware innovation.

Come hear an exciting panel with excellent experienced of Corporate Innovation industry speakers, Prof William Lee from National University of Singapore, who is leading autonomous EV start-ups and Mr. Ken Chua from (these)abilities who is leading advanced design thinking approach on the challenges and future of corporate innovation. Throughout this discussion, they will speak about their experiences related to the challenges and future of corporate innovation and sustainable development of corporate innovation solution.

In the last segment of the summit, we will be organising a Start-up Pitching Session. The concept is to give our corporate clients an opportunity to discover and explore actual collaboration (POC) opportunities with each start-up while learning more about their company overview and business model. The pitching themes cover technologies and business models such as AI, Blockchain, Autonomous EV, urban farming, Digital health, and more. This session will help you to find out actual business trends and collaboration (POC) opportunities, and build relationships with advanced start-ups.

By the end of the day, participants will experience to pitch in front of a big live audience. Days filled with excitement indeed!

Check out our Facebook Page (URL: ICMG Pte Ltd Facebook page) for more information and join us in this exciting event! It will a great way to understand the direction and challenges of Corporate Innovation and the business opportunities in Singapore.

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